Smico HC Screener shipped to a Frac SAND Producer in the Midwest.


The SMICO High Capacity Screener is a large capacity screener.  The standard unit size  is 5 feet wide by 12 feet long.  Varies sizes are available to meet all output requirements and project budgets.

The SMICO HC Vibratory Screen is unique because it imparts a vertical, bouncing motion to the material which is more efficient than the gyroscopic, rocking motion used by other sand screen manufacturers.

The SMICO HC Screener comes with your choice of 3 different brute force drive types to match your individual application:

· Single Shaft Elliptical Drive

· Dual Shaft Linear Motion Drive

· Twin Canned Motor Style Drive

These SMICO brute force designed drive has been shown to but up to 30% more efficient than competitive gyroscopic motion drive types.  This efficiency combined with our screening experience provides our customers with a level of performance found nowhere else in the world.


SMICO has been manufacturing vibratory screening equipment for over 75 years.

Throughout our history we have specialized in producing high quality, heavy duty, brute force driven, vibratory screens for a variety of industrial clients.  Our diverse client base ranges from food and feed producers to aggregate and mineral mining operations.

We pull from our broad range of experience to produce some of the most efficient HIGH CAPACITY screeners on the planet.

All SMICO equipment is designed, built and serviced at our factory in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  We are proud to say “Made in the USA.”

Text Box: Construction Features
Decks can be constructed  from aluminum, mild steel, or stainless steel (304 or 316). 
Body can be constructed from mild steel or stainless steel. 
Customization is not only possible but also typical.  No reasonable request will be turned down!
Your unit will fit your application not the other way around.

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Our commitment to our customers around the world is to provide the best mechanical separation machinery on the market.



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The SMICO HC Screen




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SMICO High Capacity Vibratory Screener

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